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What is the purpose of a ceramic coating?

A Ceramic Coating is a semi-permanent layer of protection applied by hand to your vehicle’s paintwork. It is a more durable alternative to waxing and protects against external paint damage. Each ceramic coating has varying but similar properties, they increase depth of gloss, scratch and chemical resistance, and provide unbeaten hydrophobicity, keeping your vehicle clean for longer and making it easier to clean.

Glass Polish & 2 Year Glass Coating

2-year glass coating applied on all windows repelling water at speeds above 50MPH, windshield will receive an additional coat of a 6-month glass coating repelling water at speeds above 30MPH. This is included free of charge with our Three Stage Paint Correction. Screen-wash will also be replaced with a coating-safe option. Wipers will be cleaned and coated; poor wipers will need replacing.

From £75
1 Year Paint Ceramic Coating

1 Layer CarPro SiO2 and TiO2 Coating with expected durability of around a year or 6000km. Incredible increase in gloss levels, hydrophobicity, and chemical resistance.

From £125
2 Year Paint Ceramic Coating

2 Layer CarPro SiO2 Coating with an expected durability of 2 years. With increased hardness, expect better scratch resistance, chemical resistance and increased depth and clarity of paint work.

A top coat of CarPro Silica Carbide Coating is recommended for increased durability, even sharper looks, extreme slickness and increased chemical and water spotting resistance resulting in the easiest surface to clean. Additional cost from £150 per layer.

From £300
7 Years Self-Healing Ceramic Coating

2 Layer Carbon Collective Coatings, consisting of diamond particles for extreme hardness and gloss and also being capable of light self-healing abilities of minor imperfections caused by inevitable swirls and scratches after application. 24 hours are required between the 2 Coats and 24 hours curing time after the final coat.

From £525
Paint Correction Protection and Optional Add Ons

6 Month Wax Coat – From £60
Wheels Off Package – From £250
Removal of wheels for complete deep cleaning of wheels, wheel arches and suspension and
braking components. Alloys and other painted parts ceramic coated.
Interior Deep Clean (Paint Correction add on only) – From £150
Interior Deep Clean & Protection – From £250
All Leathers and Fabric protected from staining and damage for up to 2 years
Soft Top Protection – £125
Water repelling and ease of cleaning effect for up to 2 years
Intricate Areas Polish – £ POA
Polishing of intricate areas and other polishable surfaces on the interior of vehicle, door shuts and
under the engine bay.
Rebadging – £POA
Removal and replacing of certain badges and emblems on certain vehicles, this will also allow for
polishing beneath badges. Please speak to a member of staff to discuss options.
Deep Scratch and Stone Chip Paint Fill Repair – £POA
Engine Bay Detail – From £50