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Maintenance Wash

This package was created to maintain cars we have previously cleaned keeping it up to standards on each wash. Lightly soiled vehicles are welcome, heavily soiled vehicles would require our deep clean package prior to opting for our maintenance wash.

  • Three Stage Exterior Wash – Alloy & Wheel Arch Deep Clean
  • Exterior Crevices/Gaps & Fuel Cap Deep Clean
  • Tyre Walls Stripped to bare rubber and Dressed
  • 3-6 Month Hydrophobic Coating Applied
  • Full Interior Vacuumed & Wiped Down with Premium Protective Dressing
  • Center Console, Steering Wheel & Pedals Deep Clean
  • Light Steam Cleaning
FROM £70
Maintenance Plus

Everything our maintenance wash includes as well as a deep clean and
decontamination of exterior surfaces and an engine bay rejuvenation using safe methods and techniques.

  • Engine Bay Deep Clean & 3-Month Protective Dressing
  • Exterior Chemical & Mechanical Decontamination (Surface will be smooth like glass)
  • 6 Month Windshield Coating (Water repelling at 30MPH)
  • 3 Month Tyre Coating applied
From £150