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Deep Clean

Everything our maintenance wash includes as well as a detailed deep clean of the majority of the vehicle, including but not limited to,

  •  Seat & Carpet inc. Boot Deep Clean using   Shampoo, Steam, and Extraction Device
  • All Hard Surfaces Deep Cleaned using Shampoo &    Steam
  • All Gaps/Crevices, Vents & Seat Rails Deep Clean      using a range of equipment
  • Complete Door Shut Clean       
  • Odour Removal
  • 3 Month Tyre Coating
From £210
Deep Clean Plus

A complete revival of the full vehicle, a perfect solution for the vehicle that has been through the most, bringing every aspect of the vehicle back to as close to new condition as possible. This package includes everything in our Deep Clean as well as,

  • Engine Bay Deep Clean & 3-Month Protective Dressing
  • Additional Spare Wheel Well Deep Clean
  • Exterior Chemical & Mechanical Decontamination (Surface will be smooth like glass)
  • 6 Month Windshield Coating (Water repels at 30MPH)
From £290